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ZOOBIQUITY – Do Animals Get Human Diseases?


Can dragonflies suffer from obesity?
In this interview, Dr. Natterson-Horowitz talks about comparative medicine and the similarities in disease between animals and humans. Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz is a cardiologist at UCLA and the co-author of the book ‘Zoobiquity.’ Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic!


2 thoughts on “ZOOBIQUITY – Do Animals Get Human Diseases?

  1. Facinating discussion – it is kind of sad we need to be reminded of the commonality between us humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. Much to be gleaned in Dr. Natterson-Horowitz’s research.


  2. Why would it even be remotely surprising that we would have similar diseases?!?! Humanity’s inability to identify as simply another species within the animal kingdom is frustrating and laughable.


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