U of S One Health Club

Ethics Slam!


“Grub first, then ethics” – Bertolt Brecht

The One Health Club is excited to host our first ‘Ethics Slam’. This event includes dinner and will take place at 5:30p on March 3 in Louis Loft.

Attendants will participate in small group discussions, facilitated by various health science professionals. Ethical issues are often complex. A One Health Approach is essential to allow for a comprehensive understanding of a problem before an ethical decision can be made.

This is a great opportunity to discuss relevant issues facing health professionals today. Come out and join us!

Date: March 3, 2014
Time: 5:30p
Place: Louis Loft

Facilitators and Topics:
(Facilitators and topics will be listed as they are confirmed)
Dr. Trisha Dowling – “Superbug Skin Infection: Is it Frank or Fido’s fault?”
Dr. Ryan Meili – Ethics of Medical Radicals: Physicians who fight or work the system for their patient’s benefit
Elad Ben-Ezra – Hormones in Beef


3 thoughts on “Ethics Slam!

  1. I’m in!


  2. Update on the dinner that will be served – fresh homemade pizza by Louis, with veggie & gluten-free options.


  3. On CBC Radio this morning – a story on the Post Anti-Biotic Era and what it means. What have humans done to make it worse? This topic will be presented by Dr. Dowling at tomorrow evening’s Ethics Slam, so come out and have your say…



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