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‘Pet Queries’ as part of regular physical exams

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One of our past speakers, Dr. Kate Hodgson, discussed her research on including a “pet query” as part of a persons regular physical exam. What benefit do you think this would bring to the patient or the patients’ family? What are some of the concerns or difficulties that may be encountered when trying to implement this practice? Would this benefit the health of the pet in any way?

For those of you that were unable to attend this event, or for anyone wanting to read more on the topic of zooeyia, Dr. Hodgson’s paper is provided below.

Dr. Hodgson – Zooeyia


One thought on “‘Pet Queries’ as part of regular physical exams

  1. Although Dr. Hodgson mentioned a number of benefits the pet query brings to patient centered health care, the one that stuck out for me was the impact that pets could have on smoking cessation. She talked about how pets are sentinels for disease and are often the first to show signs of second hand smoke exposure. They accumulate nicotine at high levels in their fur and ingest these toxins while grooming. Dr. Hodgson also outlined a study that showed that owners, especially those that live alone with their pets, were more motivated to quit smoking or attempt to quit smoking when aware of the potential health risks to their pets.

    I think a simple fact sheet about the impact of second hand smoke on pets could easily be made available in the waiting room of vet clinics and may encourage the pets owner to seek help in quitting or switch to smoking outdoors, both of which would also benefit other members of the household.

    As an example, and for some quick statistics on second hand smoke in pets, here is a link to a fact sheet for patients made by the College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky: http://www.mc.uky.edu/tobaccopolicy/KCSP/OnePagers/One%20pager%20shs%20harms%20pets%20FINAL%20110411.pdf


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